Alumni Field Report #2

Alumni Field Report #2

The Alumni Field Report series will highlight KCM alumni who are currently serving in overseas missions. This week’s report is from C.J. Kim!

My name is C.J. Kim and I currently serve as a missionary in East Asia.  I have served as a missionary for a total of nine years – two years as a single, and seven years with my family.  Although I grew up in a Christian family, my biggest fear was that one day God was going to call me to be a missionary. Through STSM trips with my church and KCM, I discovered the joy of doing mission work.  God has called us to something great, to join Him to bring the Good News to all peoples, and how exciting is it that we get to be a part of that! KCM played a big role in shaping my passion for missions while I was in college, and I praise God that He is still using KCM to mobilize college students for His Kingdom.

I am doing some very exciting work right now.  If you’ve read the biographies of Hudson Taylor or Lottie Moon, you will know that the gospel has been present in this particular East Asian country for hundreds of years.  The church here has caught the vision of sending out thousands of missionaries to reach the remaining unreached peoples and places in the 10/40 window. My work involves training national pastors and church networks to train, equip, send out, and support their own missionaries to the nations.  My team is helping the local churches here pioneer and send out their own missionaries for the very first time. As such, it is truly an exciting time to be serving in this context.

If you can please pray for the following requests, we would greatly appreciate it:

  • Please pray that we will seek the Lord daily. Even we missionaries can easily fall into the sin of relying on our own gifts and talents instead of relying on Christ.  
  • Please pray for wisdom and guidance for our team.  Selecting, equipping, sending out, and supporting missionaries in our own culture is a very complex task.  Now, imagine doing it in another culture, in another language, with major security challenges.
  • Please pray that there will be many healthy churches here. In order to send out healthy missionaries, you need healthy churches.  Almost every missionary will agree that the churches here are over-romanticized by the West. Believe it not, most Christians here struggle with the same issues as your churches in America.  They don’t pray, they don’t read the Bible, nor do they share the gospel. Pray that believers will obey Christ and that churches will be gospel-centered.

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