STSM Field Report #4 – East Asia & Nicaragua #2

STSM Field Report #4 – East Asia & Nicaragua #2

Today we will be sharing our second updates from our East Asia team and our Nicaragua team!

Reminder: East Asia team will be coming home on the 29th!

Hello from East Asia!

The last time we had an update we were finishing up our first week here. As we start to write this update we can’t believe we’re already approaching our final week on this trip. We arrived in Shinokubo (the Koreatown of Tokyo) last Saturday and we have already been experiencing so many different things over here!

After getting situated with Bread of Life church near Waseda University (one of the top universities in Japan) we’ve already had two Sunday services, outreach events on the campus, two days of VBS and multiple sessions of 1-on-1 English conversations. This upcoming week we will be finishing our VBS with the children of Bread of Life Church and continuing to reach out to the students at Waseda University, sharing with them our testimonies and the Gospel.

When we first arrived, we weren’t sure if people would be interested in talking to us. There are days where we literally just arrive on the campus, pray and split into groups looking for people interested in talking to us. Thankfully, Waseda is known for its vast number of international students and many people have been very interested in talking to us,. We attribute all of this to God’s grace. Many of us have really experienced the power of prayer and while we rejoice at all the opportunity we are experiencing, our hearts are also burdened for the many people that we talk to on a daily basis that don’t know the Gospel.

Please pray that our team may be persistent and bold for the Gospel and that many students will get to hear the Gospel through our conversations with them. This upcoming Sunday is the last full day we are here and we are hosting an international event. We will be serving tacos and dancing to K-Pop (we’ve been practicing a lot!) in order to share a little bit about our culture. At the end of that event we will have an opportunity to share the Gospel message, so please pray for a clear articulation of the Gospel and that God will really open up the hearts of all those who hear this life-giving message. Also, please pray that all the things we have seen and experienced in East Asia and Japan may not just be memories but stepping stones to doing greater things for His Kingdom.

Thank you so much to our supporters, families and friends. We are so eager to come back and share about how God is moving in East Asia. We’ll see you all in a week!

Hello from Nicaragua! 

For the first week after our initial update we spent a week in two of the missionary’s Church plants doing English Camp and VBS in La Amancia and Matagalpa.Then we came back to do English Camp at the base and VBS at her after school program sites. And then this past Saturday we were able to participate in Korean Christian Academy’s graduation and attended a wedding for 7 couples in Matagalpa.  

We are embarking on a trip with our High School Graduates to a city called Ometepe! During our trip we will be doing ministry together and spending time with the Jovenes as well. We hope to share the gospel with the natives there and to also be a light and example for the graduates as well. Furthermore, this upcoming Saturday we have our KCM 10 year anniversary celebration in Nicaragua! We will be performing skits and dances and joining the Natives in praise and worship. Finally we will be ending the trip with a Joven & Church Leader dinner where we will be celebrating our time with the Nicaraguans and appreciating their help for us. 

A recent blessing for our team was our time that we had at the after school programs. In serving these students we had realized that for many of them, that the schooling that they had here was their only school experience. So it was a blessing to be able to share our time with them although it may have been short.

Please continually pray for our team’s health during our short travels and also please pray for our teams heart in doing God’s work no matter how difficult or redundant it may seem. Please pray that we may be reminded that God does not always call us to do something extraordinary but in fact He does call us to obey. 

The past couple of weeks have been a lot to process for our team but despite the trials we are encouraged by God’s faithfulness and are eager to continue doing God’s work!

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