How KCM Responded to the Cambodia Incident

How KCM Responded to the Cambodia Incident

This article is an update on how KCM responded to the Cambodia Incident of 2016. For those who are unaware of what happened, please click here for more information.

As we reflect back on what happened in the summer of 2016 with the Cambodia STSM team, we first wanted to let everyone know that we have not forgotten nor moved on flippantly from this sorrowful moment in KCM’s history. Every time the leadership of KCM gathers, we take time to pray for the Cambodia team and for all those who have been affected by the actions of David Lee.

We also take time to pray for David’s repentance and restoration. We are still trying to reach out to David although we are not getting responses, and if any new information comes up we are more than willing to share it with everyone.

In regards to the KCM STSM program, we firmly believe that God desires to continually send out students to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ on summer missions. Although we are deeply grieved about the Cambodia Incident, we also believe that God used this situation to help us take a deeper look into our program and reevaluate how it is run.

We have been working tirelessly to safeguard our program so that something like this never happens again. This past year was the first year since everything happened and we responded by completely overhauling the STSM program from beginning to end. Every aspect of our program was looked over and discussed in order to make sure that our students’ safety was being considered and that we were being diligent in our fight to purely obey the Great Commission.

Many changes were made, but the structure of our response can be summarized under the umbrella of Prevention, Education, and Evaluation.

  • Background checks: All STSM leaders and coleaders are required to go through a background check for criminal records.
  • Evaluation forms: All STSM leaders and coleaders are required to have two evaluation forms filled out from their pastor and accountability group members.
  • All STSM leaders and coleaders must go through a leadership training program in order to best serve the students on their team.
    • These training sessions will cover logistical, emotional, and relational topics of leadership and emphasize the high standards required of leaders.
  • Sexual harassment seminar: All leaders and students must go through a seminar covering appropriate and inappropriate behaviors on the mission field and within each team.
  • Emotional health seminar: All leaders and students must go through a seminar covering our emotional health and how to communicate those needs, wants, and desires in a clear and godly way.
  • Leaders and students will be given clear protocol for reporting violations and misconduct.
  • All leaders will be evaluated thoroughly by student leaders through exit interviews conducted by a staff member.
  • All leaders will be evaluated generally by their respective teams through surveys and exit evaluations.

We implemented these changes to our program last year and through God’s grace we were able to finish the year with strong feedback from students, leaders, and staff alike. We hope to continue to improve upon the STSM program because we believe that God cares deeply about this ministry and will continue using it for His glory.

If you would like any further clarity or want to give feedback on improving the program, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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