MRN Testimony – Esther Na

MRN Testimony – Esther Na

Missions Rally Night (MRN) is an annual event hosted by KCM that highlights the testimonies of previous mission teams of STSM and gives an opportunity for students who are interested in going on summer missions to interact with the teams!

With MRN coming up in two days, we have Esther Na from UCSD sharing her testimony of how MRN blessed her!

Esther Na – (Sophomore, UCSD) 

I went into MRN last year with pretty high expectations. Leading up to the event, SD KCM had hosted Progressive Dinner in addition to its own version of MRN to highlight the STSM program. Through this I was able to hear brief testimonies from past SD STSM trainees of how they encountered God whilst serving him in their respective countries. These events strongly propelled my interest in going on missions over the summer, so when KCM presented another opportunity to learn about their missions program through MRN, I signed up immediately.

MRN was overwhelming in the sense that I was in a room with hundreds of people I had never seen before, but good because the sight of so many brothers and sisters interested in obeying the Great Commission filled me with great joy. After a brief time of praise, each STSM team from the previous summer had the chance to share a presentation about their country. Everyone then split off from the chapel into the various rooms where presentations were held. We were given the time to attend two presentations, so I decided to visit the Philippines and North India presentations. I wanted clarity on which country I felt God was calling me to go to. At the time, I had three countries in mind: Nicaragua, Philippines, and North India. I had talked to numerous SD STSM trainees about Nicaragua because a lot of people from SD had gone there before. Since not as many had gone to the other two countries I was interested in, MRN gave me the chance to expand my knowledge on the ministries pertinent to those countries, as well as ask questions about the trainees’ experiences there.

Attending MRN gave me a better sense of which country I wanted to go to for STSM. Events such as Wintercon, SD KCM’s own MRN, and Progressive Dinner had shaped my decision to go on STSM, but MRN helped me refine my decision and grow a greater heart for the countries that I had been interested in.

Missions Rally Night is coming up March 9th  @ Living Hope Community Church!  Don’t see miss out on the chance to hear the testimonies  of previous STSM Mission teams!

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