STSM Field Report #2 – North & South India

STSM Field Report #2 – North & South India

Today we are sharing a field report from our India teams as they finish up their first week of ministry while getting acclimatized and accustomed to India’s lifestyle and culture.

Please continue to pray for our trainees and leaders as they continue to share the Gospel across all nations!

Jaimasihki! Hello from North India!

We’ve been here for almost a week now and it’s been amazing to witness everything God is doing in India!

First of all, thank you so much to all our supporters! We definitely feel God’s protection over us and the support from our churches, families, and friends. We couldn’t be here without you!

The past few days of ministry have been such a blessing. Our missionary contact and his wife welcomed us with great big smiles and hugs at his base in Jalpaiguri. The day after we arrived we were able to do village outreach where we sang and danced with the people in the neighboring areas. We also partook in Saturday children’s ministry where we saw the recently formed praise band. A few of the kids from the children’s ministry are part of the band, complete with a drummer, four singers, and a staff guitarist! It was so amazing to see India’s future generation singing praises up to God!

The team was also able to have Sunday worship with P. James’ church. Timothy Choi (our co-leader) was able to preach about the Gospel message and a few other teammates were able to share their testimony and sing an offering song.  Currently we are halfway through a week-long VBS ministry at St. Paul School! Along with the normal VBS ministry schedule, we are also painting the walls that welcome parents and children in. Thankfully, due to monsoon season, the weather has been very cool. We have been very thankful.

By the end of this week, we will set out on a busy 13-day road trip where we will be visiting different churches that our missionary contact had planted or supported, including Mirik, Jaigaon, Gossaigaon, and Fuguri. 
Here are a couple prayer requests that we would love to share!

  1. For the people of India to wholly accept that God is their one and only true savior. There are several staff members and children in Jalpaiguri who are curious and/or slowly opening their hearts to the Gospel. May the Spirit continue to move in them so that, one day, they will fully accept the Good News. 
  2. For the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health of our missionaries and pastors. That they will remain steadfast and joyful despite circumstances. That our team will be able to be an encouragement to them.
  3. Good health and have safe travels during our road trip
  4. For our team to abide in Christ and to seek Him above our own emotions, abilities, or expectations. That we will continue to grow in our personal relationship with Him.

Faithful servant! Obedient servant! Usable servant! Reliable servant! Joyful servant! 

Hello from Bangalore, South India!

It is our 1st week in India and we’ve seen and experienced much. Taking an overnight bus ride to the city of Chennai, we saw a glimpse of how much India needs a redeeming Savior. We have also had the opportunity to make dear friendships with AECS seminarians and preach the Gospel to St. Paul School students through VBS and personal discipleship groups.

Next week we will be traveling to villages in Berikai and Andhra Pradesh to share the Gospel. We’ll be visiting para-church ministries like rehabilitation centers, orphanages, and homes for the terminally ill. We are excited to also visit church plants and encourage them all throughout South India. We have had the privilege of meeting Dr. Abraham, who is continuing to mentor and teach the team about what it means to live in obedience to God’s mission.

Please pray for:

  1. Our team to consider and live out costly discipleship in our own lives.
  2. IEC (India Evangelical Church) Trust ministries to be protected and stand firm despite a Hindu nationalist government.
  3. God to reach the lost and heal the broken in India.

Thank you for all your support!

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