STSM Updates – Jeremiah Leung

STSM Updates – Jeremiah Leung


My name is Jeremiah Leung, currently a junior studying Communication Sciences and Disorders at Biola University. This summer I’ll be going to Southern India with the KCM STSM program. I am thoroughly excited because it is my first overseas missions trip. For the past 3 years, I’ve been unsure of God’s calling for me to go, but after much searching and praying, I came to the simple conclusion that all of us are called to missions wherever we are. After MRN, my heart broke for the unreached peoples of the world, and I knew that God was asking me to go see more of His handiwork overseas. 

Thinking and reading about India, there is a huge need for Jesus. It is country with THE MOST unreached people groups. Even just imagining the brokenness and injustice that’s makes me kind of mad. But I’m excited to experience God’s grace there. I’m excited to see how God will test me and use me as part of His kingdom, and I am honored to be a part of it.

Local Missions

When it comes to missions, I’ve had a huge heart for local outreach for the longest time. I’m passionate about caring for those in need such as the homeless and special needs people. My heart breaks when I see these people, and imagining their faces when they come to realize what the Gospel is brings me so much joy. Even though STSM is mainly about global missions, I was stoked to learn that our leaders were just as passionate for local missions.

We’ve been learning about preaching the Gospel locally the past three weeks. The current teacher, Eugene, gave us three ways that we’re hindered from preaching:

  1. Guilt – we evangelize because we feel like bad Christians if we don’t
  2. Fear – we don’t evangelize because we’re afraid of rejection or what others will think of us
  3. Pride – we evangelize with a desire to show others how amazing of a Christian we are

Like most of my peers, I fall into the “Fear” category the most frequently. I hate rejection and failure, for any reason, because I’m a people pleaser. When I do get rejected for the Gospel, it makes me feel like “poop” (there’s no better way to put it)! But I think Eugene also said something to us that was very liberating:   “The power is in the message, not the messenger.”

I think that at the root of each of those three categories, is pride. If we’re too scared to preach the Gospel because we’re afraid of failure, we’re essentially saying that our comfort and reputation is far more important than the salvific work of Jesus Christ.

This is still something that I’m working out in my own heart. I’m excited to go on missions, but I’m praying every day that God would eliminate the fear of man in my heart. That He would replace it with assurance that He is working in every situation, good or bad. I’m also praying for more faith, and God has proven to me time and time again these past couple months, that He is faithful to His people.

As I continue to prepare for my trip to India, my heart for global missions grows. I’m a big quote guy, and this one hit me so much when it comes to comparing local and global missions. “There are lost people everywhere, but there is not access to the Gospel everywhere.” (Danny Atkin) God is molding me slowly into who He wants me to be for His glory, and I’m excited to be used as His instrument in anyway possible. But as I continue this journey, I’m in so much need of prayer, so here are a few things to pray for:

  • That I would be able to let down my fear and pride to be better used as a mouthpiece of God’s glory.
  • That God would continue to produce in me more faith and more passion for His Word
  • That South India team and I would constantly be relying on God’s grace and be securely founded in the truths of Scripture.

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