STSM Field Report – East Asia & Nicaragua #1

STSM Field Report – East Asia & Nicaragua #1

As our STSM season has officially begun and our teams have finally been sent off to their respective countries, KCM will be periodically reporting and sharing about each team’s prayer requests, updates on ministry, and any blessings/struggles that they are enduring while they are on the mission field.

Please continue to pray for our trainees and if you know of any parent, friend, church member, or anyone that has supported these trainees, feel free to share these updates with them!

Today we have our East Asia team and Nicaragua team sharing their field reports in their respective countries!

Hello from East Asia!

We can’t believe that it’s already been a full week since we’ve gotten to East Asia. It feels just like yesterday that we were being sent off during commissioning service!

The past week or so has been filled with many ministry opportunities and much personal growth and we are deeply appreciative of all our supporters who have allowed us to see and take part in what God is already doing here. Last week, we had a 4-day English camp in which we worked with a group of 80 students around the ages of 11 and 12. We were able to preach the Gospel through teaching English to these students and we hope and pray that God will be able to use this camp experience to really reveal Himself to these students.

We have also begun our VBS here and we’ve been having a lot of fun teaching the truths about God’s character through this camp. The biggest blessing so far has been meeting the people here and getting to know their stories. Our team has gotten the opportunity to get to know multiple missionary families that have been living here and we are so blessed and humbled by their testimonies, their examples, and their care for the people of East Asia.

Soon, we will have some time to tour and we will be off to Japan at the end of the week! Here are some prayer requests that we would love to share!

Please pray for:

  1. Safe travels for our team.
  2. That God may continue to send workers here because we really see how the harvest is plentiful.
  3. As we are prayerfully considering our roles in His Kingdom plan, please pray that we may be wiling to do whatever it takes for the Gospel’s sake.
  4. Finally, please pray that the hearts of all those we meet in East Asia may be softened and that God may prepare a good soil for the seed of His Truth to be planted.

East Asia’s next update will be on July 22nd.

To our supporters, friends, families, and more:

Nicaragua team has arrived safely! We have started our ministry by doing VBS at Korean Christian Academy and at a San Jeronimo church plant. We were also able to go and do presentation ministry at a factory. Additionally, the students had the privilege of staying at church members’ homes for two days and nights. 

As we continue to do ministry, we will be heading to another church plant in La Amancia that is about two hours away to do ministry there for three days and then we will move to another church plant in Matagalpa for the following three days. We will be doing VBS, English camp, medical, glasses, and prayer ministry. After that, we will be doing English camp at Korean Christian Academy. We also will be assisting and participating in Korean Christian Academy’s graduation. Ten couples have also given us the privilege of attending their weddings!

During this time, the students were blessed by their time at the natives’ homes they stayed at. The hosts shared their culture with the students through tours throughout the city, homemade Nicaraguan food, and sharing the history of Nicaragua. 

Although we have been busy with ministry and getting settled into the groove of missions, we have a couple prayer requests that we would love for you to pray about.

Prayer Requests: 

1. For our team to seek Christ above all ministry and work. That we will find the value of our work in the glory of Christ and not in ourselves. 

2. Team would stay in good health as we travel.

3. For our team to continue to pour out into the students and to ask Christ for strength as we grow more weary. 

Nicaragua’s next update will be on July 22nd.

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