Women’s Conference – Nicole Bai

Women’s Conference – Nicole Bai

I was so happy when I heard KCM was in the process of launching a women’s ministry and finally got to make it happen last year! Women’s Conference was an event that impacted me greatly. Going into it, I honestly did not know what to expect. I had attended Winter Con only a few months before, so I really thought of it as just another conference. 

However, God really moved. He spoke through some very admirable and powerful women who were real with us. I really appreciated their vulnerability and humility to seek God through it all. We talked about things that the church is usually too timid to even mention, such as broken relationships with fathers, feminism, and dealing with trauma. Even if I had not experienced exactly what some of them underwent, I was able to gain a lot of insight on how those affected may feel and how we can support each other as sisters in Christ. Also, I believe a common theme was the realization of how broken we are as individuals, how broken the world is, and how much more we are in need of God’s grace because of this. I was so blessed by the testimonies that were shared in that room and the wisdom the women were able to share with us. I was reminded that God created us to be relational people, and I was encouraged to seek out deeper accountability with my sisters in Christ.

One thing I also really loved about the conference was the open Q & A. During this time, I was dealing with some of my own struggles and uncertainties that I really wanted answers for. We had the chance to submit anonymous questions and the speakers openly discussed them on a panel. I honestly felt a little uncomfortable at first when they read my question out loud, but I felt so much freedom after they talked about it. Again, I felt like no one held back and that the speakers were very honest with us. 

If you are not sure about going to the conference yet, I highly recommend going! What an amazing opportunity it is to worship together in a more intimate setting as a female body of believers and to speak truth into each other’s lives! After the conference, I felt empowered to continue fighting the good fight against our flesh and was reminded that we are not in this alone. I was also reminded that God is so good and that His mercies for us are new every morning. We don’t have to feel guilty for the things that we’ve done nor the things that have happened to us because Christ already got us! He died for us! How insane is that?

Women’s Conference definitely brought more clarity, healing, and understanding into my life. There are some dark things in this world, but there is so much hope through Christ. He made us as relational beings who cannot exist without community, so I urge you, sisters, to find your community and to not be so afraid to share life with one another. We are all fighting a battle, so let’s do it together. Whether God brings 5 people to this conference or 500, I wholeheartedly believe that He will do amazing things. Come!

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