Women’s Ministry & Conference: Why Women?

Women’s Ministry & Conference: Why Women?

Why do we have a Women’s Ministry?

“I know I’m not meant to be a preacher, but I long to be in ministry, teach other women, and serve God. How can I use my gifts to do this?”

This is the foundational question that led to the creation of KCM’s Women’s Ministry.

When we think of leaders in ministry, we are much more prone to think of male figures. And while male leaders are absolutely necessary, there is a limit to how they can minister to women. But how many women leaders do you know of in ministry? Women are probably outnumbered twice over. This being the case, it’s difficult for women to teach and empower one another if women leaders are a rarity.

So to build up women leaders and empower the women in our entire ministry, KCM is launching its first Women’s Conference. We believe in raising up young women leaders to glorify Jesus with their talents, gifts, and passions. And for the first time in KCM history, we will have an all-female praise team and speaker line-up.

Why do we need a Women’s Conference?

Women’s conferences are created primarily to provide women with specific and relevant resources that otherwise would not be addressed in a general sermon or seminar. They are special opportunities for women to find fellowship and community amongst one another. With women teaching women, there is a higher level of empathy and understanding that is shared. Therefore, a special sisterhood exists in these conferences.

KCM is hosting a Women’s Conference for this same purpose: to provide female students with teachings from women and to provide a sisterhood that otherwise would not be available in a general setting. We as KCM’s Women’s Ministry believe that our female students have certain needs and interests that can be addressed with greater attention. Further, we are thrilled to be living out the passions God has given us to share our own experiences with younger girls.

Join the Movement

As this year is KCM’s first women’s ministry and women’s conference, we are excited and thankful to have more resources available for our female students. Women’s Ministry recognizes various topics that need to be addressed, which are reflected in the conference seminars. We believe this is a unique opportunity for female collegians to be taught by women on specific, relevant topics, such as Empowerment.

This year’s theme of Empowerment will encompass different topics such as empowerment through our identity as women, as well as empowerment through the unique brokenness we face in our families and in the world. Loss, identity, brokenness, forgiveness, and modern feminism are just some of the topics that we will discuss together in the context of womanhood.

Our hope is that KCM will continue to platform women leaders and empower sisters in our ministry. As this event is open to students and friends, we hope you will join us for a time of learning and fellowship. See you on April 20th!

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