STSM Field Report #6 – Japan, Philippines, Cambodia

STSM Field Report #6 – Japan, Philippines, Cambodia

Hello from Solano!

The Philippines team since the last update has made various trips to different communities to preach the Gospel. Our team traveled to the regions of Ambaguio, Murong, Santa Fe, Bokiawan, and Bascaran, where we made stops at local elementary/high schools, town halls, and churches to perform and to proclaim the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prior to performing for the locals in every community, the team went out in small groups during the day to do door-to-door evangelism and invitation. The team also had the opportunity to share in the faith of the believers of the local churches through joint worship, small group, and testimonies.

For the last leg of the trip, the team will wrap up its ministry with church encouragement, school visitation, and community outreach. We will be hosting a Sunday service for the Agape Presbyterian Church at our home base, going on our last overnight trip to the Quezon community, and visiting a private school called Jesus’ Flock Academy.

Few highlights from this trip include: – this year’s KCM team was the first one as well as the first missions team to visit few of the elementary/high schools – the team attended Pastor Daniel’s (Cabuaan church from our last update) dad’s 70th birthday party – the team was able to perform for government employees at a local mayor’s office.

Prayer Requests:

1. To remain focused in the Lord so that the team will finish strong.

2. Wisdom and clarity for the team in order to process what God is teaching them through the trip as they get ready to return home.

3. For God to move in the hearts of the Filipino people through the local churches and believers here

Suostei from Cambodia team!

Thank you so much for all the prayers and support. The past two weeks we have worked with Agape International Missions and ITCS, a local seminary in Phnom Penh. Working with Agape was a tremendous blessing and eye-opening experience for our team, as we learned about all the different ways AIM is working to fight sex trafficking in the area. Although there is so much darkness in the sex trafficking industry, our team was able to witness so much hope and joy that God is holistically bringing through AIM.

This past week we were also able to work with ITCS, and we visited the province of Kampot, where we performed skits and did VBS with the local children of two different churches. We also visited the homes of two ITCS students and were able to preach the gospel to their non-believing families. It was such a beautiful time of prayer and encouragement to the ITCS students, as many of their families are non-believers. It has been a huge blessing being able to build Christ-centered friendship with the ITCS students and we were even able to visit a water park together for a day of fun and fellowship.

For our last week of ministry we will be partnering with New Life Fellowship to hold a Friendship Camp with about 60 young Cambodians, many of whom are not saved. In addition, we will be working with Precious Women, an organization that is working to bring healing to the commercial sex industry in Phnom Penh. We will be supporting them with their outreach work in KTVs and beer gardens to evangelize and invite the women working there for counseling and vocational training.

Please pray for:

1. The families of the ITCS students that we were able to preach the gospel to, that God would open their hearts to receive salvation in Christ.

2. Our upcoming Friendship Camp, that God would work mightily and bring many young Cambodians to Christ.

3. For our work with Precious Women — for protection both physically and emotionally, and that the Holy Spirit would be present in our conversations with the women working in the KTVs.


We had a blessed time serving in Nagoya and arrived in Tokyo for the second half of our ministry. We met with our main contacts, Shalom and Satoshi, from Grace Harbor Church and spent time sharing testimonies, blessing, and struggles we have experienced during our time in Japan. Our team was given the opportunity to work with Grace Garden Church in Ebina, and helped them host their first English Camp as an outreach event. We were saddened to hear that this city of 130,000 people, there are only 3 churches, but the joy and hope that Pastor Yoriyoshi expresses after the event was contagious to our team. We were also able to participate in a basketball camp conducted by Pastor Seita of Toyosu Community Church, connecting mothers to the church through other outreach events. The girl and guys on the team have often split up to do separate ministries.

We move forward with our ministry in Tokyo with hope and prayer and here are some of our prayer requests:

1. Because the ministry and housing situation often call our team to be separated, we ask for prayers of unity within the team and constant sharpening, encouraging, and building up each other as we point each other to Christ.

2. Please also pray for the churches that are currently active in Japan. Many of these churches are very small, some in the single digits. They need a lot of guidance and encouragement from God, as growth in church communities are often slow. Please pray not only the addition of members to the churches, but also for the strengthening of faith and unity within these churches to provide a strong foundation for new members to join.

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